Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? That’s the basic idea behind the Puzzle Walks, except it’s all hands-free: a great way to go get out safely, on a self-guided walk.

This legend forms the basis of the Puzzle Walks. In 1883, as Collingwood was becoming the shipbuilding centre for the Great Lakes, legend tells of a steamer heading for town carrying a very wealthy passenger. Travelling to Collingwood to seek his share of the local business, he held his fortune in the form of a large diamond, known as the Star of the North. Sadly, fate was not on his side as the ship neared the dock.

A storm took hold and the ship ran aground on a reef offshore. By the time a rescue could be launched, the ship had sunk and all passengers were lost, except for one. The lone survivor, a deckhand named Jack, was pulled to shore not far from the wreckage.

Jack had seen the Star of the North and knew that it had been lost in the lake. Over the years, treasure hunters searched for the lost jewel but to no avail. They hounded Jack, wondering if he had escaped with it, but the Star of the North was never found.

Intrigued by the legend, Jack’s family continued the search and promised to reveal the jewel’s location if they could discover it. They have recently released a series of clues for local treasure hunters to follow. While they have promised the jewel to a local museum, those clever enough to solve their puzzles could earn a reward for their hard work!

Can you discover the precise location of the ship’s wreckage and earn your chance at some local Collingwood treasures?

Complete the puzzle walk challenge to uncover keywords that will lead you to the final answer!

Download the GooseChase App, search for “Puzzle Walk”, then follow clues on a short walk of discovery around Collingwood. Complete each walk to win prizes!