Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? That’s the basic idea behind the Puzzle Walks, except it’s all hands-free: a great way to go get out safely, on a self-guided walk.

Local retailer $125 gift cards
Grand prize $250 gift card
Seven Secrets $200 Gift Certificate

Ready to win prizes? Complete any of the Puzzle Walks, answering all of the questions correctly. The Grand Prize winner must complete all six games.


Dec 14 – Walks 1 & 2
Dec 21 – Walks 3 & 4
Dec 28 – Walks 5 & 6
Dec 30 – Grand Prize


On the day of each announcement, all teams that have completed the Walks will be entered into a draw. A winner will be selected at random. Any previous winners or known test accounts, Town of Collingwood employees or campaign organizers will be ineligible and removed from the draw.

Winners will be notified through the Goosechase app via direct message:
Congratulations, you are a winner! You have won a $125 gift card to a Collingwood Business of your choice. To claim your prize email [email protected] with the subject line “#GetOutPuzzleWalksCwood” and please indicate your username for verification. Please respond by email within 7 days or you will forfeit your prize. Thanks for playing and Congratulations!

Winning players must respond by email within 7 days of notification or they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be selected and sent the same notification. This will continue until all prizes are claimed.

On December 30th, all players who have completed each of the 6 games will be entered into a draw to win the $250 gift card and the Seven Secrets gift certificate. Previous winners will be eligible for the grand prize. The winner will be notified through the GooseChase app with the same message, requiring a response within 7 days, after which a new winner will be chosen.

Can you discover the precise location of the ship’s wreckage and earn your chance at some local Collingwood treasures?

Complete the puzzle walk challenge to uncover keywords that will lead you to the final answer!

Download the GooseChase App, search for “Puzzle Walk”, then follow clues on a short walk of discovery around Collingwood. Complete each walk to win prizes!