Collingwood. Boating lives here.
Idling out from the Terminals for an evening ride. Lazy loops, tube riders squealing. Setting course for Beckwith, sails trimmed. Island-side, bright sun, a picnic at anchor. Collingwood. Boating lives here.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheWaterCwood
Tots splash knee-deep, sending drops skyward. A trio of swimmers crawls for the Hens & Chickens. Hidden beaches: of pebble, of limestone, of pillowy sand. Collingwood. Find your beach and swim, sun, rejoice.


Waves of Fortune: Puzzle Walk #4
A strong northwester whistles down the Bruce, massing waves into sets. The Pumphouse, pumping. Spring, fall and winter. Secret shoals, hidden breaks. Collingwood. Surfing lives here.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheWaterCwood
Soft strokes dapple a mirror surface. Harbour-side, racers churn the water. A paddleboarder glides along in a sunset meditation. Kayak. Paddleboard. Canoe. Collingwood. Paddling lives here.


Collingwood. Windsports live here.
Perfect conditions: a side-shore wind. Up past the lighthouse, back down to White’s Bay. Shoals and breaks, lots of fetch. Windsurf. Kiteboard. Looping sails dot Longpoint. Collingwood. Windsports live here.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheWaterCwood