Collingwood. Find your Trail.
Train trails crisscross the town. Bowered boardwalks, leafy lanes. A feast of brisk walks, leisurely bike rides. Endless runs, 70 kilometres’ worth. Collingwood. Find your Trail.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheLandCwood
Shipyards and shipwrecks. The Tobacco Nation, expelled by the Iroquois. Once a hub for Great Lakes travel: 2 rail lines, 24 hotels, a customs office. Collingwood. Our history everywhere. History in the making.


Collingwood. Birding lives. Here.
Where mountain meets lake, fowl abound. The Silver Creek Wetland, our crown jewel. Great Egret, Night Heron. A gulp of cormorants, sooty and low. Undulating Vs at nightfall. Collingwood. Birding lives here.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheLandCwood
A teenager floats off a bike park jump. Saturday mornings, lines of jerseys dot the roads. A leisurely pedal from Meaford to Stayner. A technical line on the trails. We live it. We breathe it. Collingwood. Get your cycle on.


Collingwood. 16 parks in our warm, warm heart.
Labyrinths and amphitheatres, Inukshuks and elevators. Soccer fields abound: 47 acres. Parks for kids and parks for dogs. The Awen Gathering Place. Collingwood. 16 parks in our warm, warm heart.


EXPLORE #GetOutOnTheLandCwood