Collingwood. Glorious food and drink…made right here.
Nine courses, tiny works of art. Mexican take-out made from scratch. Local steak, market greens. Spicy vindaloo, Grey County ice cream. Dine-in, takeaway, our best for you. Collingwood. Glorious food and drink…made right here.


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Fine spirits, crafted blocks away. Rye whisky, bearing our name. Gin and vodka, celebrated worldwide. Three distilleries: critical mass. A bar specialized in rye, another the Caesar. Collingwood. Spirits live here.


Collingwood. Magnificent food, everywhere.
The freshest seafood, wholesale/retail. A France-calibre selection of cheeses. Meat and poultry, from farmer to butcher. Local organics, plucked from dark earth. Collingwood. Magnificent food, everywhere.


EXPLORE #GetOutFoodnDrinkCwood
Beer, fresh from the bright tank, winning awards on a national scale. Brew pubs & breweries, four in all--with kombucha layered on top. Collingwood. If you like craft beer, we have it here.


Collingwood. Treats abound.
Bright, light roast. Dark and earthy. Accomplished baristas, provincial awards. Daily scones and luscious cakes. Fresh croissants & baklava, local chocolate. Collingwood. Treats abound.


EXPLORE #GetOutFoodnDrinkCwood