Around the World 2019

Chris and I first began discussing the idea of an around-the-world trip four to five years ago. Similar to many others who live in DC, our time living in DC would be limited because Chris’s fellowship was scheduled for four years. It’s not easy to take off a few months of work to travel so we planned the trip to coincide with our next move. Although we frequently discussed the trip, the actual planning mostly took place over the past two months.

What better way to revive my blog than to embark on an epic two-month trip?! The challenge now is to slow down time so this two month period feels like a lifetime.

Back in 2007 and 2008, pre-smart phone days, I traveled internationally for the first few times on group trips organized through Hillsborough Community College. The logistics were planned by the tour company so there was no need to keep track of the days or time. I really enjoyed not having access to a phone and not wearing a watch, which I think might be the key to slowing down time. This trip I plan to leave my phone behind for parts of the journey and spend time reading and writing.

ATW map


  • To kick off the trip, we’re visiting Chicago and driving to Kentucky to attend the Derby.


  • Kentucky Derby

New York City

  • Overnight layover for a long overdue visit.


  • Tulip fields and celebrating Chris’s milestone bday with a handful of fun folks.

Slovenia and Croatia

  • Spending two nights in Bled, Slovenia before exploring Croatia’s beautiful coastline.

Dunhuang, China

  • The Gobi Desert


  • Two overnight layovers


  • One week exploring Seoul and Jeju.
  • Week two visiting Busan and possibly hiking the newly opened trails along the DMZ.


  • Eleven day live aboard on the Calico Jack, scuba diving all day everyday in the Raja Ampat region.


  • Finishing the trip by spending three days in one of the smallest nations in the world to reflect on our crazy journey!


One thought on “Around the World 2019

  1. I remember those HCC trips with you well, Greg! I hope that this journey will be the best ever for both of you!

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