“NYC to Switzerland in one minute for just $2.25”

MySwitzerland is sponsoring the S-shuttle in NYC which is the shuttle train/subway from Time’s Square to Grand Central.  I’m surprised more of the trains don’t have such sponsoring as it was a somewhat refreshing experience riding the S-train sometimes because of the decorative advertising.

To mark the launch of their summer campaign, Switzerland Tourism along with its partners is transforming a subway shuttle train into a veritable Swiss journey. Both the outside and the inside of the train will be completely covered with Swiss imagery. New York City’s S shuttle runs between Grand Central Station and Times Square. It is the shortest regular service in the system, traveling the 0.8 miles in one minute.

All aboard – next stop: Switzerland

Enter contest to win a new prize each week

If you ride the train between Times Square and Grand Central Station you can enjoy Switzerland for a few minutes and marvel at the majestic scenery. For a chance to win a fabulous prize, enter our weekly contest. With a little luck it could be – “All aboard! Next stop for you: Switzerland.”



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