Colombia 2011

Going to Colombia was a priority trip for me because it was relatively inexpensive and I wanted to visit a very dear friend of mine who lives in Medellin. The flight down was only five hours and it was about the distance of traveling to New York City but south to the other side of the equator in South America. The weather in Medellin has been pretty rough the past few months, with it raining a few times a day every single day because of El Nino. I arrived on a Wednesday and went on a weekend visit to another small village from Friday to Sunday. From Monday until the following Friday I spent in Medellin, with a one night stay outside of the city at a friend’s farm house near the international airport.

In total, I was in Colombia for 16 days and it’s the longest I’ve spent in an international city at one time. The types of trips I’ve previously done were group trips and we’d spend no more than two days in each city. Each trip was about ten days long and included four or five cities and a lot of traveling in between. This trip to Colombia was much more relaxed and I was able to get an insider’s look at some of the scene in a pretty nice area and I also visited some of the poorer sections of the city.  I am beyond grateful for the nice friends I met and to my friend Elizabeth and her family.

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