Fire escapes of NYC buildings

Fire escapes have been a means of egress for buildings in New York City since the early 1900’s and they’re still in use today.  Although new buildings aren’t building fire escapes on their buildings, they are still an important part of the architecture and safety of today’s buildings.

My favorite way to see NYC is to walk around and look at the different buildings in each area.  I don’t see other people noticing the architecture and the uniqueness of the buildings in NYC that often but recently I started noticing the different forms of fire escapes and I thought it’d be interesting to take photos of them.  Some of them are long and skinny while others are wide and spacious.  Usually they’re painted to blend in or match the building but sometimes they’re accented to stand out against it.

The buildings below are all in the Midtown and SoHo districts of New York City, taken on July 17, 2011.

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