Amsterdam trip

About a week ago, on a whim I decided to spend this weekend in Amsterdam because a friend of mine recently moved here.  The flight was the cheapest it’ll be all year and the dates worked well so I decided to book it.

I left NYC at 4:05pm on Friday afternoon and arrived in Amsterdam at 8:30am Saturday morning.  I didn’t sleep too well on the flight and was tired but I knew it was best to start my day and try to stay up as long as possible.  I came back to my friend’s house and we made a tentative idea of where we’d be going.

We took the Metro into the Centrum and walked around for a few hours.  We started in the Red Light District and walked through Dam Square and Harlaamrstraat.  We had burgers for lunch at a good restaurant called Barney’s Uptown.  After lunch we walked around for a few hours, no where in particular, and I took a bunch of photos which I’ve posted below.

So far, all in all Amsterdam is great.  The architecture is amazing, dating back to the 1600’s and earlier in some areas.  It’s really cool how the canals intersect through the city center and there’s a ton of people walking around and on bicycles.  I love how there aren’t 1000’s of cars everywhere with traffic jams all over the place like in NYC.

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up early and make a plan to see the Ann Frank Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.  I’d also like to take the Heineken tour so I’m going to try to make sure to do those three things.  Monday we’re renting a car and driving to Paris and Brussels.  We’ll park in Paris and spend a few hours walking around and then we’ll stop in Brussels on the way back because it’s on the way.  I’m really looking forward to the drive because in my opinion, it’s the best way to see a place.  We’ll drive through the countryside and I’ll see all of Belgium and France along the way.

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