Large Cities

When I think of large cities I usually think of New York City, but lately I’ve been realizing that New York City is only one of many super cities in the world.  Sure it comes to mind because I’m mostly familiar with U.S. cities, and mostly because I now currently live in NYC.

I’ll be visiting China in June for about ten days so while browsing PBS’s website tonight an article about China’s ten largest cities caught my eye.  Of course I do realize there are well over a billion people in China, but it still blows my mind that there are cities with tens of millions of people.  And it surprises me to learn that there are so many large cities just within China which I’ve never heard of.

Unfortunately I’m just not in a big writing mood, but I want to make this post while it’s on my mind and I don’t want to save it as a draft for later because I already have so many of those going.  So here’s a short summary of the article but click the link to go to PBS’s page.

Photo Essay: China’s Ten Largest Cities

One of the flights I recently took back into the city took us straight up the Hudson River and made a big U-turn back into La Guardia.  The view looked almost dead on what this picture is except this picture is of Hong Kong which has a similar population but I’m not sure about the size differences of the cities.

Ten largest cities of China:

1.  Shanghai – 16.6m
2.  Beijing – 12.4m
3.  Chongquing – 9.4m
4.  Shenzhen – 9m
5.  Guangzhou – 8.9m
6.  Tianjin – 7.9m
7.  Wuhan – 7.7m
8.  Hong Kong – 7.1m
9.  Dongguan – 5.3m
10.  Shenyang – 5.2m


This is a map I made of the cities I’ll be visiting in June, which include the top two most populated cities in China.


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