Mac 24/7 Restaurant

I was in Hawaii for a total of 3 days, just barely over 72 hours, and I seriously went to this restaurant at least five or six times.  Mainly because it was convenient, but also because they genuinely have good food.

Upon landing in Honolulu, our friend Paul who was already there, recommended this restaurant that he had recently discovered.  They are known for the “Mac Daddy Pancake Challenge,” which was featured on Man vs. Food.  This was one of the few challenges he wasn’t able to finish.

The first night eating there Paul and I split the friend chicken and waffles which sounded like a great idea until ten minutes after leaving the restaurant.  I didn’t get sick but the greasy food made me feel like a slob.  I spent the week before Hawaii in San Francisco where I mainly ate light, healthy meals so it was an extreme difference.  My body wasn’t happy with me but I’m thankful we decided to split the meal because I barely finished my half.

Half of the order of Friend Chicken & Waffles

We weren’t at all pleased with the buffet styled, over priced breakfast restaurant in the Marriott that we were staying in so we had breakfast here the following two mornings that we were there.  Also, when our other friend flew in a few days after us we figured it was a safe bet to take him there to eat.  As if those four meals there, on top of the meal our first day there, wasn’t enough, we also stopped there our last night to get dessert which totals six visits to the place.  All in all, even though it has mixed reviews on Yelp, I’d highly recommend this restaurant.

Mac 24/7

We don’t close unless it snows

Modern American Cooking served twenty four seven

Familiar food prepared and presented with inspiration and flair

Located inside the Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel

2500 Kuhio Avenue
Waikiki Beach, HI 96815

I found a few other videos of the Man vs. Food challenge but I’m only able to directly post videos from YouTube on this blog.  In order to embed other videos I have to pay for the video service which I’m not going to do.

Click here to see a few other clips from the Man vs. Food show, via Travel Channel

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