Right now I’m sitting in a small coffee shop in Black Mountain, North Carolina called Dripolator.  Black Mountain is an old antique type of town outside of Asheville and to my knowledge this is the only coffee shop in town.  If not the only one, then I suspect it is the town favorite.  In the hour and a half that I’ve been sitting in here relaxing, sipping my Cafe Mocha and using the internet, I’ve seen at least five random encounters where locals know each other and end up chatting.  In fact, I even ran into someone I know which is a very wow-it’s-a-small-world moment because I’ve only spent about a total of two weeks here in the last five years.  A good friend of my grandpa’s who helped us out a lot when he passed away has been sitting next to me for about the past 45 minutes.  At first I didn’t think anything of him but I finally realized that he looked familiar so I bluntly asked him if he knew my grandpa and sure enough it’s him.  CRAZY!

Anyway, Dripolator is a nice coffee shop in Black Mountain worth mentioning.  I needed a little alone time away from the family so I took a walk this morning and ended up here.


The Dripolator
221 W State St.
Black Mountain, NC 28711
(828) 669-0999

Update 1/9/2011:

I didn’t think to look the place up on Yelp when I did the original post but I was just using Yelp for something else and thought about looking up the coffee shop.  Here’s a photo that someone posted on Yelp that I think is really cool..

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