Kayaking Kailua

Wednesday, 12/29/2010 was my last day in Hawaii.  My friends who I was there with had a 10am flight out of Honolulu to visit the island of Kauai and I had a 10pm flight to return to Tampa.  We had a rental car so I dropped them off at the airport in the morning and then I had about twelve hours on my own.  I planned on going to Hanauma Bay which has some amazing coral that is open to the public to snorkel at.  The only problem with Hanauma Bay is that it has a small parking area so they close the park down and you can’t enter once they do so.  Rumor had it that they typically close at 9 or 10am and it was approximately 11am by time I got there so I wasn’t surprised when I wasn’t able to get in.

But since I wasn’t able to get into Hanauma Bay I ended up going kayaking at Kailua Beach.  The drive around Hamauma Bay and then heading towards Kailua Beach had amazing scenery which I didn’t happen to see the day before because we drove a different way.  The rock faces with 1000’s of feet of drop off very close to the road were amazing but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stop and get any pictures other than what is already posted.  The day was a bit overcast and rainy during the drive but it cleared up as I got to the beach and rented the kayak.

Unfortunately the pictures aren’t amazing because I used an underwater $15 camera.  They look a bit from the 90’s I think but here they are all.  I was going to take half of the bad ones out but figured I’d post them all.

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