Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

My friend Elizabeth and her sister are visiting New York City this weekend so I met up with them on Friday and Saturday night and we explored some interesting things in the city that I otherwise wouldn’t have even known exist.

On Friday night we visited Dyker Heights in Brooklyn which is a neighborhood famous for the over-the-top light displays.  At first glance it appeared to be a few houses heavily decorated in lights, but as we got into the neighborhood more, it became evident why people from all over go out of their way to pay a visit.

Aside from the nice lights, what I enjoyed just as much was seeing the beautiful houses.  The neighborhood has a very suburb-like feel to it but unlike the suburbs that I’m used to outside of Tampa, every one of these houses was unique and different.  They were all ENORMOUS houses, hence why they’re able to pay for expensive displays such as these, and most of them were about three to four stories and set back a little bit from the road.

The majority of the large light displays are on two streets between 11th Ave and 13th Ave from 83rd to 86th Streets.

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