A note from my traveling notepad

When I travel, I carry around a pocket sized notepad.  I call it a detective’s pad because I associate it with what a detective pulls out of his front shirt pocket to scribble notes.

A funny occurrence happened this morning on the airplane as people were boarding.  My note reads, “during boarding the faces of everyone as lady with crying baby walks by.  Thank God she’s at least ten rows behind me.  “phew” look on the faces of everyone around me knowing she’s not sitting close by.”

This lady walked by with a crying baby strapped to her chest and I immediately thought to myself, “oh great”.  I made eye contact with at least three people around me and we all had a very stressed look on our faces.  But as she kept walking we all took a sigh of relief and she settled about ten rows behind me.  I passed out before we even took off and woke up about 30 minutes before landing so I can’t report if the baby cried at all but perhaps maybe he/she got it all out of its system and slept like a baby such as I did myself.

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