My summer and NEW YORK CITY

Well, of course I planned to write a little bit about the fact that I am spending this summer in New York City working an internship before I actually got here, however, here I am having just finished my first day and so far this is the first sentence I am writing.

I started the journey Friday and made the drive from Tampa to New York City which took me until 11pm on Monday to complete.  Friday I went to Orlando to see some friends from San Diego and although I had planned on making the drive to Atlanta after spending an hour or two with them, I ended up staying in Orlando because there was a party going on that ended up being a lot of fun.  Saturday I woke up in Orlando and made the drive to Atlanta to stay with my uncle and then on Sunday I saw another good friend of mine.  I left Atlanta on Sunday at about 6pm and was hoping to drive until I couldn’t drive anymore and then rest for a few hours and keep driving until I arrived in New York City around 8am – noontime on Monday, however, because I almost wrecked at about 10pm I ended up pulling over and getting a hotel.  It’d be too easy to get up at 7 or 8am which I should have done, but instead I waited until 11am which was check out  time and drove non-stop until I arrived in Yonkers, New York at about 11pm Monday night.

A good friend of mine who lives just outside the city helped get me an internship at his (and now our) company and has also given me an apartment to live in.  I owe him big time.  I am working at a real estate management office and will be doing many different things.  Today I went to four different buildings with one of the property managers and we talked to a few tenants about specific issues and also did some looking around to check on some other general things.  At the office I had a few things to complete and things got off to a good start.

I’m staying in Yonkers which is about a 45 minute subway ride away from where I work in the Upper West part of the city.  The subway is about 5 miles away from my apartment so I drive there and then hop on the train.  Sounds simple enough right?  Haha, don’t I wish.  It takes about 30 minutes each morning to find parking near the subway and I’m still making silly mistakes with the subway and figuring things out with being efficient using the subway.  Last summer I spent two weeks in the city, most of which I was alone in the city while my friends were at work, so learned a lot of things on my own.  Although very frustrating, I’ve made a lot of beginner’s mistakes but now I’m pretty efficient at getting around.

For example, and because this just happened today and I’m still pissed about it: at the 79th Street Station (where I work), make sure to get on at the East side of Broadway because with the unlimited metro card that I have, once you enter and exit (without actually getting on the train) you can’t enter again for a little while because it senses that you just used the card.  Without knowing this I exited, went across the street in the pouring rain, and then it wouldn’t let me enter again.  I had to go back across the street to the attendant where I had originally been and of course no one is nice in the city so instead of resetting my card to allow me to go back to the other side of the street where I needed to be, she made me get on going the wrong way and I had to turn around at the next stop.  Sounds cut and dry but it took me a while to do all this and I was getting pretty pissed.  As frustrating as it was, I’m using it as a learning experience because in the end it only cost me about 45 minutes of time and no other heart ache.  Multiply this by about twenty and that equals the mistakes I’ve made to date using the subway and no doubt I still have A TON to learn!!!

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