GREECE: May 11th thru 22nd, 2010

I’m going to Greece.  There will be many posts and many stories to tell of Greece, but for now I am using this as my way to go through my itinerary and look things up.  I will be traveling with the Honors Institute of Hillsborough Community College led by Dr. Lydia Lyons.  I’ve traveled with Dr. Lyons twice before in the past three years to Spain, Vietnam, and Cambodia and each trip has been nothing short of amazing.  I figured the two previous trips would be my only trips because I no longer attend HCC, however, she welcomes alumni of the program to attend so I am thrilled to have the chance to travel with her again.

The past two trips, I didn’t put much effort in researching where I was going and I had no clue where the next place we were going would be until it was talked about in the middle of the trip.  This year, however, I want to look some specific things up including the food, the culture, the history of each place, and etc…



(click on picture to make it larger)

The first day of our trip will be spent traveling and on the second day, we will wake up in Athens for a full day of tours.  One of the main highlights will be our visit to Acropolis.  Other places we will visit in Athens include the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos and Ancient Agora of Athens.  We will also visit the Temple of the Olympian Zeus, and the Temple Theatre of Dionysos.

Day three will be traveling from Athens to Nafplion (2) with a stop in Mycenae (1) along the way.

Day four we will go from Nafplion to Olympia (3) and then tour the town in which the Olympic Games were held in classical times.  This is still the site where the Olympic flame is lit and then transported by a torch to where the games are held.

Day five we will travel from Olympia to Delphia (7), stopping in the cities of Rion (4), Antirion (5), and Nafpaktos (6).  Upon arriving in Delphia, we will have a guided tour and dinner.

Day six, after visiting a few more small cities along the way (8, 9), we will begin our journey back to Athens where we will conclude the mainland part of our trip.

(click on picture to make it larger)

The second part of the trip will be an island hopping tour.  On Day seven, we will take a ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Day eight, which I’m very much looking forward to, will be a fun day!!!  We will be taking a donkey ride up Skala (pictured below), then a cruise to a volcano for a tour, and then a stop at a hot spring to swim.

On day nine we will travel by ferry to Mykonos (5) with stops at the islands of Ios (2), Paros (3), and Naxos (4).

Day ten will be a free day of leisure, but I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of things to do.

Day eleven we will return to Athens where we will have one last night before we depart home on May 22nd.


I was going to upload a bunch of pictures of places I’ll be visiting, but I decided to not post many photos and instead I’ll post my own pictures when I make posts about this trip.

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